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goal is to enable and empower you...

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AutoMathic is a flexible and very open-ended tool.  Like any tool it will enhance, not replace, your own ability!  To get the most out of AutoMathic, especially its "Converse" mode, you have to put some effort into it...

"Scripted" mode:
  • Read the Documentation
  • Use "View File" to look at an equation file before using it
  • Pay attention to the input prompts and only enter what you know
  • Review all the output, not just what's at the bottom of the screen
"Command" mode:
"Converse" mode:

The more effort you put into understanding it, what it knows, and what it can do for you, the more you will get out of it!

Version 2.3.1
Available Now!

Converse mode has more optimizations to its indirect-
solution strategies, new vocabulary supporting "numeric
fraction words" (e.g. "3rds", "10ths", "16ths", "100ths"), and
vocabulary standardizations for consistent unit translation!

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