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The Smart Calculator for Automated Math

(C) 1988, 2020  Kevin B. Belton

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I started creating AutoMathic years ago so I'd have a tool for easily doing tedious or repetitive real-world calculations.  But I wanted something smarter than regular calculators, spreadsheets, and collections of single-purpose programs...  I evolved AutoMathic to meet my particular needs, but with the constant idea that someday others might use and benefit from it too...

Now, AutoMathic has hundreds of users all over the world, and their feedback has been encouraging!  Here's what AutoMathic's users have to say:

"AutoMathic is now my top choice for finding real answers without a pencil and paper"

"I needed something to handle real world problems that I come across all the time"

"Students everywhere should be using it.
Teachers should be using it.
Math tutors should be using it"

"When I had to check my son's homework, I was slightly better than lost...
Then I remembered this app!  I was able to double check all his
homework with confidence!"

"This is a great concept

"... I recognize how innovative it is"

"The English translation mode is interesting,
and it is clear that much effort went into making it quite smart

"... this could have really helped me learn how to do word problems..."

"This app does a lot of interesting things well, and I very much enjoy using it..."

"It's a gem"

"Cool app"

"A nice piece of programming skills"

"You rock"

"I am looking forward to your next release"

runs on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!

Version 2.3
Available Now!

Converse mode's "natural-language" parser has new vocabulary,
knowledge, and strategies supporting multi-dimensional units
(like for area, volume, etc.), can now recognize "in" and "has"
as abbreviations for "inch" and "hectares" units, and understands
 more musical note terms!  Some built-in equation files have
more calculations and miscellaneous content tweaks!

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