Overview of Features

Although AutoMathic's default interface is the natural-language-oriented "Converse Mode", the command-oriented "Command Mode" provides a direct interface to the core features that "Converse Mode" uses indirectly.  See the "Manual Calculations" section for a complete discussion of "Command Mode" and the global features it provides.  The following additional features are exclusive to "Converse Mode":

Basic Behavior and Language Skills

Vocabulary and Knowledgebase

Indirect Solution Strategies

When AutoMathic cannot solve a problem by plugging-in the values of known variables to find unknowns, it may try to find them using a few indirect strategies.  It will try to apply each of these techniques, in the following order, to find solutions:

  1. Create a hypothetical situation by assigning a value to a variable.  AutoMathic uses heuristics to determine which noun-phrases are safe for creating hypothetical situations.  The strictness of the heuristics can be relaxed through an optional setting that allows a wider range of "safe" variables.
  1. Make opportunistic substitution(s) which simplify a system of equations.  Substitution rewrites one or more equations, replacing a variable with an equivalent expression taken from another equation.  Substitution combines equations to reduce the number of unknowns in specific equations.
  2. Give a value to a "free" variable, one not mentioned in any question or request for calculation.
  3. Make any valid, but not necessarily simplifying, substitution.

If AutoMathic's attempts at these strategies do not find answers to all of the questions, it will give up, but list any questions that were left unanswered.