Scripted Calculations

One way to use AutoMathic is by running scripted calculations.  Scripted calculations are pre-built workflows that set up and perform complete calculations automatically. 

Loading a scripted calculation runs it, and often includes comments, equations, expressions, variables, interactive input, and other Command-mode commands.


  1. Tap the "File..." button to access the File Operations menu.
  2. Choose the "Load Algebra" menu option.
  3. Select a scripted calculation (.eqn) file from the list.
  1. Read the pop-up prompts/instructions to provide input.
  1. Review the output area to see the results of the calculation.
  2. Additional or follow-up calculations can be done manually from Command mode.

AutoMathic includes a library of scripted calculation files that use all of the Command-mode features to perform many useful, task-oriented calculations.  However, you can also create your own custom scripts and import them into AutoMathic:

  1. Use any text editor on your device or computer to create a plain text file containing any Command-mode commands.
  2. Give it a filename with a ".eqn" file extension.
  3. Use the iOS Files app or iTunes File Sharing to add the script file to AutoMathic's documents.