Quick-Reference Tips

These quick-reference tips assume the reader is somewhat familiar with Converse mode's full documentation, but wants a concise summary of the tips and tricks scattered throughout.  The tips are grouped by subject and follow the same outline as the Detailed Coverage section:

Major Styles of Input (more...)

Major Categories of Input (more...)

Literal Numbers (more...)

Written Numbers (more...)

The Notion of Units (more...)

Units with Scalars (more...)

Unit Conversion (more...)

e.g.  Convert 55 unit mph into unit kph.
e.g.  Convert 55[mph] into [kph].

e.g.  55 unit mph to units kph.
e.g.  55[mph] to [kph].

e.g.  Convert 55 from unit mph to unit kph.
e.g.  Convert 55 from [mph] to [kph].

e.g.  55 from units mph into units kph.
e.g.  55 from [mph] into [kph].

e.g.  55 converted from unit mph to unit kph.
e.g.  55 converted from [mph] to [kph].

e.g.  How many unit kph converts to 55 unit mph?
e.g.  How many [kph] converts to 55[mph]?

e.g.  How many unit kph would 55 unit mph convert to?
e.g.  How many [kph] would 55[mph] convert to?
  <simple unit>
   <compound unit>

   <property> {MEASURED IN|IN TERMS OF} [UNIT[S]] <unit>
   <property> {MEASURED IN|IN TERMS OF} "["<unit>"]"
   <property> IN UNIT[S] <unit>
   <property> IN "["<unit>"]"
   <quantity> UNIT[S] <simple unit>
   <quantity> UNIT[S] (<compound unit>)
   <quantity> "["<unit>"]"

[CONVERT] <unit-phrase> {IN|TO|INTO} UNIT[S] <unit>
[CONVERT] <unit-phrase> {IN|TO|INTO} "["<unit>"]"
[CONVERT] <quantity> FROM UNIT[S] <unit> {IN|TO|INTO} UNIT[S] <unit>
[CONVERT] <quantity> FROM "["<unit>"]" {IN|TO|INTO} "["<unit>"]"
<quantity> CONVERT[S|ED] FROM UNIT[S] <unit> {IN|TO|INTO} UNIT[S] <unit>
<quantity> CONVERT[S|ED] FROM "["<unit>"]" {IN|TO|INTO} "["<unit>"]"
<unit-phrase> CONVERT[S|ED] {IN|TO|INTO} <unit-phrase>
<unit-phrase> <helping-verb> <unit-phrase> CONVERT[S|ED] {IN|TO|INTO}

Temperature Conversion (more...)

Mathematical Operators (more...)

and, &, less, smaller, fewer, or, after, above, beyond, past, with
more, larger, greater, bigger, higher, without
<BE> to, <BE> {in|on} <ARTICLE>, unit

Variables (more...)

Nouns and Noun Phrases (more...)

Fuzzy-Matching (more...)

Quantity Words (more...)

Implicit Nouns (more...)

Mathematical Expressions (more...)

Mathematical Equations (more...)

Contradictions (more...)

Indirect References via Pronouns (more...)

Follow-up Questions (more...)