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AutoMathic has been under development for many years, but it is not (and never will be) considered "finished"!

Its public release was just the beginning of the next chapter in its long history.  There will always be:

New features to be added

More vocabulary to be understood

More mathematical knowledge to be added

New and improved core capabilities

Check back here often to stay up-to-date as new developments happen and to read about what's new with AutoMathic!

Latest News!

(Current Version: 2.3.1 Build 20211128)


  • Version 2.3.1 released on the App Store!
  • New and Improved Features:
    • Optimized the indirect-solution strategies to avoid useless hypothetical assignments to variables, such as those that have been simplified out of equations!
      • e.g.  The useless hypothetical value for "s" after "How many [feet/(second^2)] is 5.5 Gee?" gets simplified from "nss/f=5.5(9.8)ss/m" to "n/f=5.5(9.8)/m"
    • Improved the readability of natural-language-based answer displays by removing some extra spacing (added during the parsing phase) around math symbols!
    • Enabled Pinch-to-Zoom for the iPad on Help and "View File" screens!
    • Some new vocabulary for (singular and plural forms of) "fraction words" written as numbers:
      • inverse small integers: 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, 7ths, 8ths, 9ths, 10ths, 11ths, 12ths, 13ths, 14ths, 15ths, 16ths, 17ths, 18ths, 19ths
      • inverse multiples of 10: 10ths, 20ths, 30ths, 40ths, 50ths, 60ths, 70ths, 80ths, 90ths, 100ths
      • inverse powers of 1,000: 1,000ths, 1,000,000ths, 1,000,000,000ths (group-separator commas are optional)
      • For flexibility, these numeric "fraction words" are understood as expected, with or without a preceding "/"!
      • e.g.  "What percentage of a 3rd is an 8th?"
      • e.g.  "How many 16ths is 3/4ths?"
      • e.g.  "What's 5 1,000ths[sec] x 225[mph] measured in inches?"
    • Standardized the usage and translation of "micron" to the official SI unit "micrometer"...  This can streamline problem solving by defining the equivalence of those terms through a direct, vocabulary-level translation instead of using an indirect, equation-level mathematical fact.
  • Fixes:
    • Standardized the translation of "ft" (and the irregular plural "feet") to the singular "foot", matching the singular-form translation convention used for all other N-dimensional unit abbreviations and variations (e.g. "ft2", "feet2", "ft3", "feet3", etc.)...  This fix helps avoid dead ends (and can streamline problem solving) by allowing more immediate symbolic simplification involving units of feet!
    • iPadOS 15+ bug fix for the input line, Command-mode buttons, or bottom bar being hidden after showing the iPad keyboard for dialog box input, but only if the iPad's Keyboard Shortcuts setting (Settings --> General --> Keyboard --> Shortcuts) was on!  This could happen after:
      • "Load Algebra" scripted calculations (or any use of the "input" command)
      • "Save Transcript" and "Save Algebra" filename prompts
    • Documentation updates and cleanups

  • Version 2.3 released on the App Store!
  • New and Improved Features:
      • "squared" (and abbreviations) and "^2" as non-numeric symbol suffixes, primarily for 2-dimensional units:
        • e.g.  "The area is 20x12 [ft squared]."
        • e.g.  "How many [meters sq] is 26[inches] by 6.5[ft]?"
        • e.g.  "Half of 3,200[ft^2] measured in [m^2]"
      • Vocabulary words for common macroscopic units with "2" appended as a shorthand for "unit squared":
        • e.g.  "25[feet2] converts to how many [meters2]?"
        • e.g.  "10[km2] measured in [miles2]"
        • e.g.  "How many times 5 x 7[inch2] is 4 x 3[m2]?"
      • "cubed" (and abbreviation "cbd") and "^3" as non-numeric symbol suffixes, primarily for 3-dimensional units:
        • e.g.  "30 x 15 x 8 [ft cubed] converted to [meters cbd]"
        • e.g.  "How many times 2[ft^3] is 2[inches] x 1[m] x 25[ft]?"
      • Vocabulary words for common macroscopic units with "3" appended as a shorthand for "unit cubed":
        • e.g.  "25[ft3] is 24[in] x 24[in] x how many [ft]?"
        • e.g.  "What percent of 1[m3] is 24 times 4 x 6 x 8[in3]?"
        • e.g.  "How much of the volume is 50[cm3]?"
      • Knowledgebase additions formally unifying its previously-separate concepts of volume (in bulk) and length (in 3 dimensions):
        • e.g.  "What's 1[tbsp] in terms of [in3]?"
        • e.g.  "Convert 15[ft] x 30[ft] x 5[ft] to unit gallons."
        • e.g.  "The density of water x 12[ft] x 10[ft] x how many unit inches gives 2[tons]?"
      • Knowledgebase and vocabulary additions for some 2-dimensional units of area:
        • "acre[s]" (and abbreviations "ac" and "acs")
        • "hectare[s]" (and abbreviations "ha" and "has")
        • "section[s]" as a synonym for "1 [mile^2]"
      • A new indirect-solution strategy that tries to avoid situations that might lead to solving equations for non-linear variables (such as multi-dimensional units)!  This new strategy allows AutoMathic to solve most (but not all) problems involving multi-dimensional units, despite its fundamental limitation of still not being able to solve equations that require taking square roots, cube roots, etc.
      • In-app examples available in Help --> Examples and in File... --> View File --> eg_MultiDimensionalUnits.htm
    • Basic support for "in" as an abbreviation for "inch" (and "has" as an abbreviation for "hectares") when used in the context of a unit:
      • e.g.  "5.3[in] measured in [cm]"
      • e.g.  "5.3 unit in in unit cm"
      • e.g.  "5.3[cm] measured in in" (or "in terms of", "in unit", etc.)
      • e.g.  "44[in/sec] is the average speed"
      • e.g.  "The price is 15[dollars/in]"
      • e.g.  "5 x 7[in x in] converted to [cm^2]"
      • e.g.  "The volume is 350[in cubed]"
    • New vocabulary for understanding some unusual, but valid, musical note terms:
      • "C flat", "Cb", and "C b" as synonyms for "B natural"
      • "F flat", "Fb", and "F b" as synonyms for "E natural"
      • "E sharp", "E#", and "E #" as synonyms for "F natural"
      • "B sharp", "B#", and "B #" as synonyms for "C natural"
    • Added a height length calculation to the Circle equation file!
    • Added more "common derivations" to the BasicProbability equation file!
    • Tweaked some equation files with minor aesthetic improvements:
      • ArithmeticSequence.eqn
      • AstronomicalUnits.eqn
      • BasicProbability.eqn
      • Circle.eqn
      • RightTriangle.eqn
  • Fixes:
    • Documentation fixes for invalid Unit Conversion examples using "converts to":
      • WRONG: "What speed measured in kph converts to 55 unit mph?"
      • BETTER: "How many unit kph converts to 55 unit mph?"
      • WRONG: "What speed in [kph] converts to 55[mph]?"
      • BETTER: "How many [kph] converts to 55[mph]?"
    • Code cleanups

  • Version 2.2 released on the App Store!
  • New and Improved Features:
    • Natural language parser enhancements:
      • Now understands more complex "percent difference" statements (i.e. "_X_ percent more than _Y_" or "_X_ percent less than _Y_") where the second element "Y" can now be arbitrarily complex, instead of just a number or very simple noun!
        • e.g.  "What percent more than 7[lb/gal] is the density of water?"
        • e.g.  "What's 13% faster than the speed of sound measured in mph?"
        • e.g.  "What percent less than 100 unit meters is 60 unit yards?"
        • e.g.  "Find 7.5 pct under the sum of 3.2 and 2.7 and 5.6."
      • Now understands "a percent" (in any of its variations) as 1%.
        • e.g.  "How much of a percent of the GDP is ten billion?"
        • e.g.  "A pct more than 1,234,567"
        • e.g.  "217 is a % less than what?"
        • e.g.  "3.1 is a% of half the total"
    • Bug fix for not treating the "%" sign like all other math symbols, causing it to be misinterpreted or unrecognized when not followed by a space!
      • e.g.  "13%/2"
      • e.g.  "What%=3/5?"
    • Bug fixes for some incorrect parsing of the word "of", often following a user-entered fraction with a numeric denominator!
      • e.g.  "1/5 of 20"
    • Code cleanups

  • Version 2.1 released on the App Store!
  • New and Improved Features:
    • Updates for iOS 13:
      • Full support for iOS Dark Mode!
      • Additional backgrounds perfectly suited for Dark Mode!
      • Bug fix for the input line being hidden when the keyboard was visible!

    • Added a new equation file for Right Triangle calculations!
    • Added a new equation file for Isosceles Triangle calculations!
    • Added a new equation file for Skewness (of frequency distribution) calculations!
    • Added a chord length calculation to the Circle equation file!
    • Tweaked all equation files for better portrait-mode viewing on iPhone devices
    • Added an algebraic simplification for negating both sides of an equation
    • Minor graphical tweaks:
      • The Top Bar and system Status Bar are now always visible!
      • The extended keyboard is suppressed on iPhone devices in landscape mode, making more content visible!
      • Tweaked the appearance of the extended keyboard keys and command buttons
      • Tweaked the appearance of the "busy" indicator
      • Improved animations
  • Fixes:
    • iOS 13 bug fix for the input line being hidden when the keyboard was visible!
    • Bug fixes for possibly-unsorted file lists since iOS 12.1
    • Code cleanups

  • Version 2.0 released on the App Store!
  • New and Improved Features:
    • New, "fancy" Output setting for rendering beautifully typeset math (using MathML)!
    • Enabled Pinch-to-Zoom for the output area!
    • The Help main menu now has quick access to the built-in Vocabulary, Knowledgebase, and detailed Examples pages!
    • User-created files (transcripts and algebra files) are now visible in iOS's new Files app, enabling all kinds of file-sharing options!
    • Changed automatic variable selection to prefer lower-case letters, following traditional algebraic naming conventions!
    • Added a new equation file for statistical Z-score calculations
    • Added a pair of loadable algebra files to simplify choosing between "permissive" (the default) and "cautious" configuration settings for indirect solution strategies
    • Some new vocabulary and knowledge:
      • "percentage point[s]": synonym for "%"
      • "sans": synonym for "-"
      • "gradian[s]": synonym for "grad"
      • "tau": a popular name for 2 Pi
      • more "fraction words": eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, thirtieth, fortieth, fiftieth, sixtieth, seventieth, eightieth, ninetieth
      • more synonyms for "speed": "velocity", "instantaneous speed", "variable speed", "changing speed"
      • "constant speed": synonym for "average speed"
      • "centrifugal acceleration": synonym for "centripetal acceleration"
      • "cycle[s]": useful in "frequency" and "time" calculations
      • "bandwidth", "data transfer": useful in "bandwidth" and "time" calculations
    • Minor graphical tweaks
      • Improved animations!
      • Improved presentation on iPad Pro 13" devices!
  • Fixes:
    • Code cleanups

  • Version 1.6 released on the App Store!
  • New and Improved Features:
    • Updates for iPhone X compatibility!
    • No longer hides the system status bar (time, battery, etc.)
    • Minor graphical tweaks
  • Fixes:
    • Bug fix for iOS 11's "Smart Punctuation" feature and its default replacement of simple quotes (") and dashes (-) with fancy (but incompatible) characters!
    • Bug fix for hidden input line or Command-mode buttons after loading algebra files (or using the "input" command)!
    • Code cleanups

  • Version 1.5 released on the App Store!
  • New and Improved Features:
    • Support for the larger displays on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!
    • Support for iOS 8's new keyboard features and 3rd-party keyboards!
    • Minor graphical tweaks:
      • Removed translucency in the bottom toolbar
      • Updated backgrounds in the example files
      • Updated extended keyboard fonts for iOS 7.1
  • Fixes:
    • Bug fix for glitch when showing and hiding the extended keyboard on iOS 8!
    • Device rotation temporarily disabled while the keyboard is visible
    • Workaround for pick list scrolling graphical glitch on iPads running iOS 7!
    • Code cleanups

  • Version 1.4.1 released on the App Store!
  • Fixes:
    • Bug fix for intermittent crashes on iOS 7!

  • An emergency update (version 1.4.1) has been submitted that fixes an unusual crash bug affecting iOS 7 only...  I'd been working with Apple to track down the source of the problem, but I've come up with a workaround for now.
  • On iPads running iOS 7, long scrolling lists (e.g. file lists) still don't display properly, but they still work if you can read through the corrupt display...  I've filed a bug report with Apple, so hopefully they will fix it in an iOS 7 update soon!

  • Version 1.4 released on the App Store!
  • Fixes:
    • Bug fix for crash-on-launch problem on iOS 7!
    • Minor graphical tweaks:
      • Added iOS version and device-specific styles and colors for the extended keyboard
      • Added accent drop-shadows above and below the toolbars
      • Added smooth fade-out animation when exiting the program
    • Code cleanups

  • An update has been submitted to fix the compatibility issues with iOS 7 and provide a visual overhaul to match iOS 7's clean new design!

  • Version 1.3 released on the App Store!
  • New and Improved Features:
    • Added support for the larger screen on the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation!
    • Upside-down orientation now allowed on all devices, which is great for one-on-one tutoring and demonstrations!
  • Fixes:
    • Fully compatible with iOS 6, fixing menu selection and device rotation issues!

  • An update has been submitted to fix the compatibility issues with iOS 6 and to add support for the iPhone 5's larger screen!

  • AutoMathic Converse mode + iOS Dictation = The power to solve math problems using your voice!
  • Instead of typing at the Converse prompt, use iOS Dictation instead and just say it! *

* Voice input using iOS Dictation requires an active Internet connection and at least an iPhone 4S, iPad 3rd generation, iPad mini, or iPod touch 5th generation.

  • Stay tuned for updates that will take this already great capability to the next level!

  • Version 1.2 released on the App Store!
  • New and Improved Features:
    • Created a user preference screen in the Settings app for customizing Sales Tax Rate and Customary Tip Rate values for your locale!
    • Reintroduced "bounce scrolling" in all directions!
    • The "> " prompt is automatically ignored if it is accidentally pasted in user input!
    • Minor consistency updates to the vocabulary.
    • Minor graphical tweaks.
  • Fixes:
    • Replaced corrupted faq.dat file with a clean version!  After installing this update, tap "File...", "Manage Files", "faq.dat" to delete your personal copy...  Then completely restart AutoMathic (e.g. after using the "!exit" Command or removing the app from the multitasking bar) to begin using the clean version.
    • Minor code cleanups for iOS 5

  • Version 1.1 released on the App Store!
  • New and Improved Features:
    • Toggle bold fonts in the output window with a "long press" (i.e. press-and-hold) on the Paper-selection button!
    • Enabled iTunes File Sharing to allow syncing user-created files to and from the app!  You can now import Algebra (.eqn) Files created on your computer, or export Algebra and Transcript (.htm) Files to your computer!
    • Added many example Transcripts (named "eg_*.htm") to the "View File" list!
    • A spinning busy indicator now illustrates processing activity!
    • A new algebraic simplification will cancel common factors from both sides of an equation!
  • Fixes:
    • The parser now understands input like "noun-phrase of num".  This fixes a crash bug and now allows object-less property calculations!
      • e.g.  "If the length of 3 is 21, find the length of 2."
      • e.g.  "What's the cost of five when 2.99 is the price of two?"
    • The keyboard's "return" key can now be used with input dialog boxes!
    • Accidentally "missing" a keypress on the extended keypad no longer dismisses the keyboard!
    • Slightly improved verbiage when aborting due to the inability to solve an equation.
    • Fixed a keyboard rotation bug introduced by iOS 4.

  • AutoMathic 1.0 was approved and went live on the App Store!

  • Version 1.0 of AutoMathic was submitted to the App Store.

  • "" went live on the Internet, introducing the product to the world!

runs on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!

Version 2.3.1 Available Now!

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