solve <equation#> for <variable>

The "solve" command is used to symbolically solve an equation for a specified variable.  Using the rules of algebra, the equation is transformed to isolate the variable on the left-hand side of the equation.

e.g.   y=mx+b          Enter an equation.
solve 1 for x  
Transform the equation to read "x=(y-b)/m".

Depending on the current "output" and "detail" settings, more or less verbose output will be displayed during the solving process.

Once solved, the program offers the option to replace the stored version of the equation with the new "solve"d representation. It is beneficial to keep the new equation if the variable solved-for is the one least likely to be known.  When used again, that equation would already be solved for the variable in question.

See also:  list, info, substitute, eliminate, output, detail