list [equations|variables|<variable> ...]

The "list" command is used to display the current set of equations, variables (as well as their current lock status), or both.  The command accepts an optional parameter to selectively display certain subsets of information.  Without a parameter, all equations and evaluated variables are listed.

The "equations" keyword limits the display to the numbered equation list only.

The "variables" keyword limits the display to the evaluated variables only.

Supplying one or more variables as the parameter creates a list of all the equations containing the variable(s) as well as the current value(s).

e.g.   list             List everything.
e.g.   list equations   List only the equations.
e.g.   list variables   List only the variables.
e.g.   list x           List everything pertaining to "x".
e.g.   list x y z       List everything pertaining to a list.
See also:  info, lock, unlock