eliminate <variable>

The "eliminate" command is used to rewrite a set of simultaneous equations to omit the specified variable.  Equations containing the variable are "solve"d in terms of that variable, and their right-hand sides are paired to form new equations.  The original equations are automatically "remove"d, so the eliminated variable no longer appears in any equation.

Elimination can be used to simplify a set of equations by minimizing the number of equations and/or variables involved.

e.g.   x+2y=8        Enter an equation containing "y".
  y-3z=1 Enter another equation containing "y".
  eliminate y Eliminate "y", leaving "(8-x)/2=1+3z"

Warning:  Eliminating a variable that appears in only one equation will remove that equation.  A prompt will ask if the elimination should proceed.

See also:  substitute, solve, remove