remove {<equation#>|all}

The "remove" command is used to delete equations from the list of stored equations.  One equation number can be specified, or the keyword "all" can be used to delete all of the stored equations.  Evaluated variables are not affected by the remove command.

Warning:  When an equation is removed, the equations listed after it are renumbered to fill-in the gap.  Be careful to check the equation list when using more than one remove command in succession.

e.g.   y=mx+b          Define equation #1.
m=(y-Y)/(x-X) Define equation #2.
  b=2-q Define equation #3.
  b+q=11 Define equation #4.
  remove 2 Erase equation #2, "m=(y-Y)/(x-X)".
  list Inspect the new equation list.
  remove 2 Erase the "new" second equation, "b=2-q".
  remove all Erase all equations.
See also:  list, eliminate, clear