Pronouns Acting as Modifiers

Pronouns don't always refer to something else...  Sometimes, pronouns act much like adjectives and simply modify a noun phrase:

e.g.   "this length", "my height", "that distance", "its circumference"

In general, AutoMathic ignores a pronoun at the beginning of a larger noun phrase, leaving just the noun phrase itself.  This is most common when modifying a noun phrase using possessive pronouns (my, his, her, its, their, our, your) or demonstrative pronouns (this, that, these, those).

e.g.   "this length" is interpreted as "length"

e.g.   "my height" is interpreted as "height"

When pronouns are used as modifiers, AutoMathic does not treat them as indirect references to something else.  They are ignored, leaving the basic noun phrase.

Since pronouns as modifiers are ignored, two noun phrases which differ only by a different modifying pronoun will be interpreted as the same:

e.g.   "my height" is treated the same as "her height"

e.g.   "this mass" is treated the same as "that mass"

In general, don't depend on modifying pronouns to differentiate otherwise identical noun phrases!  Differentiate them using more meaningful words.