"No Change" Follow-Up

In this example situation, "the cost" is the initial request, and "the price is 12.99" is the initial assumption:

> Find the cost when the price is 12.99.

   Let 'C' stand for "COST"

   (Find C)

   Let 'P' stand for "PRICE"

               P = 12.99

       P = 12.99

In "No Change" follow-up questions, new information is requested based on existing assumptions and information.  The new request consists of variables and/or expressions that were not asked for initially:

e.g.   How much is the tip?

e.g.   How much is the tip added to half the cost?

In general, "No Change" follow-up questions simply request new information without changing anything that was already defined:

e.g.   How much is a fourth of the cost?

e.g.   What's the tip divided in three?